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What is Spatial Science?

Know Google Earth ?

Then YOU already know Spatial Science

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Spatial Science is typically concerned with the measurement, management, analysis and presentation of spatial or location based information describing the Earth, its physical features on both land and water, and our man-made environment.

Spatial Science is a collection of academic subjects or disciplines including —

 Surveying GIS Satellite Imagery  Visualisation  Maps and Charts 

"Spatial" refers to place, space or location. Professionals in Spatial Science work in many fields but generally analyse place. It could be tracking a dingo, finding your property boundary, locating the nearest bank, or finding the best place for a new Maccas — spatial science helps you locate your target.

Since everything is "somewhere", this knowledge has far reaching uses and spatial professionals can work in just about any field of human endeavor, using information at a range of scales —

 Site Local Regional Continental Worldwide Universal

The links on the right will take you to some videos that demonstrate the uses of spatial information and the sort of work that spatial professionals do.

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